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Property clean-ups and detailing are something that we recommend if yards are over grown or if you have a special event coming up, and need the property to look extra nice. Some homeowners have hillsides (brush) that need to be cleaned once a year. We do that too!

  1. Landscape clean up services

    Clean-Up Work

    Many times yards that require clean-ups are those that were without a homeowner for a while, or were neglected by a previous service. A clean-up usually consists of a 3-4 man crew dedicating a few hours of work on a single property, then hauling trimmings. Regular maintenance service cannot deliver the same results as a clean-up because there is continuous growth each week. Let us help your yard achieve immediate results.

  2. Detailing flowers and leaves

    Yard Detailing

    Usually detailing jobs go hand in hand with clean-up work. Detailing a yard is a very involved process. It can be a thorough as a homeowner likes it to be. This includes separating plants that have grown into each other, weeding, aerating planters, and pruning plants, hedges, and trees to a desired look.

  3. Hillside brush and cleaning

    Hillside/Brush Clean-Up

    Keeping your hillside clean and brush-free is a safe practice and it helps prevent wildfires. It is also mandated in many areas by the Fire Department. Our team has years of experience on these types of clean-ups. Let us help you stay compliant!

  1. Professional Grade Service

    Expect great planning and job execution from us. All calls, estimates and follow-ups are delivered promptly. Not only are we licensed, but with 15+ Years of field experience and growth, we are professionals by definition.

  2. Easy, Convenient Billing

    Paying your bill is easy and convenient. Eliminate guesswork by receiving your bill itemized and on time. You can choose US Mail or Email. You can even use your debit and credit card to pay online
    securely with or

  3. Easy to Spot!

    Our crews are easy to identify in their green and brown uniform. Our all white trucks sport the Salazar Gardening logo.

Everyone deserves great service at a great price.

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