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Commercial and HOA Ground Maintenance

  • Comprehensive Proposals
  • Progress Reports
  • Account Managers
  • Friendly & Skilled Crews
  • Seasonal Services
  • Emergency Repairs
  1. Commercial landscaping company

    Not Just a Service, a Partner

    Maintaining your landscape beautiful and functional is at the heart of our service approach. Our crews understand that a property well cared for, not only keeps our clients happy, but also creates a positive impression with every scheduled visit.

  2. Commercial landscaper talking to customer

    Professional Grade Service

    Expect great planning and job execution from us. All calls, estimates and follow-ups are delivered promptly. We have routinely improved grounds previously serviced by multi-state and national landscape companies.

  3. Commercial landscaper compterized invoice

    Affordable Rates

    Growth is achieved by expertise among other things. We have always kept our rates affordable and competitive.

  1. 24/7 customer support staff

    Always Available

    In our line of work there are often things that need tending to. By calling our number or emailing Customer Care you can connect to any one of our managers.

  2. Landscaping contractor wearing personal protective equipment

    Prioritizing Safety

    Before working in the field, our crews receive a refresher course on how to best operate gardening and heavy equipment. In addition, safety practices are often revisited in weekly meetings.

  3. Commercial landscape maintenance program

    Dry Area Monitoring

    We know that for most customers maintaining a green and vibrant yard is very important. This is why our crews are trained to actively monitor dry areas and to provide solutions. This is standard and free for our customers.

  1. Enviornment friendly landscaping products

    Green Practices

    We believe everyone can do their part in helping our environment. For this reason we offer sustainable solutions such as, drought tolerant and drip retrofitting, organic fertilizers and natural pest controls.

  2. Easy, Convenient Billing

    Paying your bill is easy. Take the stress off accounting by receiving your bill itemized and on time. or

  3. Commercial landscaping payment options

    Easy to Spot!

    Our crews are easy to identify in their green and brown uniform. Our all white trucks sport the Salazar Gardening logo.

Everyone deserves great service at a great price.

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