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Coming home to a nice, vibrant lawn is truly pleasurable. What’s even more exciting is that, with so many sod choices, there is one for every taste. Let us help you choose yours!

  1. Choosing a new sod

    Determining Your Sod

    There are many things to consider when choosing your next lawn. They include, your existing landscape. Do want something that flows with the color and look of your garden? Do you want it natural or artificial? Maybe you’d like it to be low maintenance, or drought resistant. We have suggestions for any scenario!

  2. Artificial sod planning

    Planning Makes Perfect!

    When installing a brand new lawn, or even when reseeding, there’s more than meets the eye. In fact, the most important aspect of a new lawn is in the ground. A well-planned irrigation system, and clean, healthy soil are key. We cover all our bases, it’s the only way!

  3. Caring for new sod

    Finishing Touch

    Soon after your irrigation system is checked for functionality and the soil is certified clean and nutrient rich, all areas all leveled and compacted. After all it would be nice to be able to walk and play on that green blanket of grass. Sprinkles a rechecked for proper height and durability, and starter fertilizer is spread.

  1. New Lawn Guarantee

    Our New Lawn Guarantee

    We are confident in our work. That is why we guarantee it to stay green for a full 30 days after installation. During this time our crew moniters the sod and optimizes watering schedules. The new lawn establishes its root system can then thrive on its own.

  2. Professional Grade Service

    Expect great planning and job execution from us. All calls, estimates and follow-ups are delivered promptly. Not only are we licensed, but with 15+ Years of field experience and growth, we are professionals by definition.

  3. Easy, Convenient Billing

    Paying your bill is easy and convenient. Eliminate guesswork by receiving your bill itemized and on time. You can choose US Mail or Email. You can even use your debit and credit card to pay online
    securely with or

  4. Easy to Spot!

    Our crews are easy to identify in their green and brown uniform. Our all white trucks sport the Salazar Gardening logo.

Everyone deserves great service at a great price.

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