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As our family business has grown from a humble gardening service, to a full landscape management approach, so have the reasons to choose us!

  1. Home landscaping company

    Built Around Service

    Beautifying your property is a task we take seriously. Maintaining properties green and well trimmed not only keeps you happy, it also reflects well on our crews when they show for service.

  2. Backyard landscaping service

    Refreshingly Professional

    A cool experience right from the start. We have optimized our delivery systems so that our managers are on top of phone calls, emails, and web inquiries. We also work extra hard to deliver quick turn around times for estimates and work orders. We are proud to say, our landscape maintenance operation is unlike any you have seen before.

  3. Font-yard landscaping cost


    Growth is not achieved by expertise alone. We have always kept our rates affordable and competitive. We believe every homeowner is entitled to have the yard they want at a rate they like.

  1. Safety Matters

    In a field where power tools and heavy equipment are operated always, it is good to know your crew has been trained to follow safety practices and to always wear safety gear.

  2. Dry Area Monitoring

    We know that for most customers maintaining a green and vibrant yard is very important. This is why our crews are trained to actively monitor dry areas and to provide solutions. This service is standard and free for our customers.

  3. Green Works

    We believe everyone can do their part in helping our environment. For this reason we offer earth-friendly solutions such as organic fertilizers and natural pest control for your garden. We can even help install or maintain your vegetable garden!

  1. Easy, Convenient Billing

    Paying your bill is easy and convenient. Eliminate guesswork by receiving your bill itemized and on time. You can choose US Mail or Email. You can even use your debit and credit card to pay online
    securely with or

  2. Easy to Spot!

    Our crews are easy to identify in their green and brown uniform. Our all white trucks sport the Salazar Gardening logo.

Everyone deserves great service at a great price.

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