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At Salazar Gardening we have special appreciation for trees and their care. Trees have a special role in landscapes. A regularly trimmed tree is not only safe, it also enhances your landscape’s view significantly.

  1. professional landscape management service

    Dedicated Crew

    Scheduling your estimate or trimming session is easy and fast. We have a crew dedicated only to tree care. With over 10 years professional experience in tree care, we can help answer all your questions. Call us with confidence!

  2. lawn maintenance service

    Measure Twice, Trim Once

    Any tree job will require the right planning. Before taking a job we must ensure it is the correct time to trim any particular tree type. Failure to do so can result in a sick tree. We also consider safety measures around a tree job, and customer taste.

  3. Tree care service

    Tree Care

    Every tree type has a set of needs for it to grow fully. Our tree professionals are well versed in optimal tree nutrition, and proper care for your tree to thrive.

  1. Affordable

    Growth is not achieved by expertise alone. We have always kept our rates affordable and competitive. We believe every homeowner is entitled to have the yard they want at a rate they like.

  2. Professional Grade Service

    Expect great planning and job execution from us. All calls, estimates and follow-ups are delivered promptly. Not only are we licensed, but with 15+ Years of field experience and growth, we are professionals by definition.

  3. Safety Matters

    In a field where power tools and heavy equipment are operated always, it is good to know your crew has been trained to follow safety practices and to always wear safety gear.

  1. Easy, Convenient Billing

    Paying your bill is easy and convenient. Eliminate guesswork by receiving your bill itemized and on time. You can choose US Mail or Email. You can even use your debit and credit card to pay online
    securely with or

  2. Easy to Spot!

    Our crews are easy to identify in their green and brown uniform. Our all white trucks sport the Salazar Gardening logo.

Everyone deserves great service at a great price.

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