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New Sod Install: Elite Plus Fescue

Recently we installed new sod for an existing maintenance service customer in Burbank. After considering a few options she chose Elite Plus Fescue Sod. This type of fescue has become very popular in recent times. It is very durable and its long, rich green blades make it very attractive. Here are some of the added benefits of this sod type:

  • A combination of fescue and bluegrass that has created a self-repairing lawn.
  • Will fill in as damage occurs.
  • Shade and drought tolerant, resistant to disease, slower growing than most fescues.
  • Very good for pet wear, child play areas, and as sports turf.

So lets go over proper sod installation procedures.

1. Irrigation check/Installation

First things first. A fully functional irrigation system must be in place before installing any type of sod, or even reseeding. This mean that the entire prepared area has enough water pressure and uniform water coverage, We also strongly suggest the entire system be kept on a timer. It may seem simple to water manually, but it rarely the case. Automatic water scheduling option is so important that we will seldom install new sod if the option is not present.

2. Soil Preparation

Clean the soil manually (extremely recommended), or kill weeds and grasses with a recommended herbicide. Remove rocks and debris; add organic soil amendment, about 3 to 5 yards per 1000 sq. ft, and.roto-til/mixl to a depth of 6 to 8 inches.

3. Grading

Work the soil, then level and smooth with a rake. If soil seems loose, rolling may be done to firm soil before installing the sod. Final grade should be 1 inch below walkways and driveways. Water soil lightly, just before installing sod. Spread area with a starter fertilizer.

4. Sod Installation

Begin to install your sod immediately after delivery. Start laying your sod along a straight edge such as a walkway or driveway. Butt joints tightly together, do not overlap. Stagger joints similar to rows of bricks. Use a sharp knife to cut and shape sod around curves, trees and borders.

5. Weighted Rolling

Roll will smooth and level your sod and press out air spaces below the sod.

6. Soak with Water

Water immediately after installation is complete. Keep your new lawn moist, but not soggy during the first 7 to 10 days after installation. Talk to your service consultant about an optimal watering schedule the first couple of weeks.

Easy as pie. Now go out enjoy your beautiful new lawn!